Strategic Financial Solutions Group, LLC

Strategic Financial Solutions Group is a woman owned small business with over 20 years of accounting and financial management experience within the private and public sectors. We are a professional services firm that provides integrated financial management for the Department of Defense services and agencies and accounting solutions for private sector clients.

We pride ourselves on focusing on the specific financial management needs of our clients by working side by side with management in a collaborative environment. As a result of this relationship, our team is able to understand the client’s unique requirements and assist them in achieving their short and long-term goals.  This also allows us to tailor our services to match our clients’ specific needs and adjust as their priorities change.

The DoD financial management environment is constantly evolving and changing to keep up with the new reporting standards and recommendations as required by the Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB), Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) [OUSD(C)], Government Accountability Office (GAO), and Office of Management and Budget (OMB). As a result of the new standards and reporting requirements, our DoD clients rely on our expertise and knowledge to stay abreast of any new guidance that is released.

Unlike most DoD Financial Management contractors, SFS Group is a project based service provider.  We work with our clients on a short term basis without locking our clients into long term relationships.  We are able to tailor our services based on the current and specific needs of our clients. This allows the client more flexibility in obtaining the services they specifically need allowing our organization to assist them immediately.